Daily Turmoil

Deleted “Scene” From the Cutting Room Floor: A Decade Under the Influence

Execution Video – A Decade Under The Influence

Before the door is even open I’m blasted with the sweet aroma of high-grade headies. Like a K9 I follow the scent to the common room where I find Biff, Dan, Tyler and his friend Lance plopped down on the couch passing two blunts back and forth, giving each other shotguns and drinking cheap ass Natty Lite, empty cans and cigarettes butts littering the floor. Nearly all of them are coughing due to the high grade of marijuana except Biff of course, as just about the only thing he does in this world is smoke weed. The TV’s on and I ask what they’re watching.

“Some sort of … documentary,” Biff says.

“Documentary?” The image is wavering, shaking as if the person filming it is having a hard time steadying the camera. “What the fuck kind of documentary is this?”

“Execution shit,” Tyler says in a near-whisper, his face glued to the tube.

“Hey Christian,” Lance says, nods and then passes me what’s left of the L.

“How you doing Lance?” I say exchanging pleasantries.

“Haven’t seen you in awhile. Still buying from Neco?” Lance, one of RBU’s top drug dealers, has been trying to steal me away from Neco since last year.

“Yeah.” I take the last hit off the blunt and stomp it out on the floor. “Here and there.”

Then I zone out for a moment and stare at the screen with the rest of them. A man wearing a black mask appears in front of the lens. His hands are lost and the screen shakes for a couple seconds and then he’s staring back at the camera in its newly stabilized position. He then walks across the room and, after leaving the scene for a moment, appears back in the picture dragging a naked man shackled to a chair. He faces the man directly in front of the camera and then leaves the picture again. The man in the chair is white, probably mid-thirties and in rough shape. There’s a large gash starting from his forehead and runs all the way back to the center of his skull. Duct tape is slapped across his mouth and he is scarred everywhere – his chest looks like it was carved like a Thanksgiving turkey; his legs are withered down to the flesh and wrapped in barbed wire. The surroundings are dim (probably lit from a source off camera) but from what I can make of them, it looks like the inside of a cave – all I can see is dirt and rock. All in all I feel like I’m watching footage from Hostel. Sure enough, what would be in true-Hostel-form, the man with the black mask and army drags comes back in the picture, back from the depths of the suspected cave. With his back to the camera he simply stares at his victim? and then takes a slow stroll towards him. He stands behind him and for a few seconds says, and does, nothing. Then there’s a flash of light and in the man’s right hand shines a very large knife. Looking straight into the camera he begins speaking what I could only assume is some Middle Eastern rubbish and when I hear him say “Allah” that pretty much confirms my suspicions. The man in the chair – presumably knowing that this is “it” – slumps forward but is then pulled back by his hair and for a quick moment you can see his eyes and then –

His throat is cut ear-to-ear, the blood oozing out. In one more final stroke he rips the duct tape from his mouth and you could hear him choking and gasping for breath, bleeding out like a fucking chicken whose head just got lopped off, the blood spewing out and the man’s body shaking as if he were having a seizure until finally … nothing. The man in the black mask watches him bleed all the way out and then slowly, methodically, walks back to the camera.


After the video went dark, I continued to stand there – somewhat frozen – and then after about thirty seconds a new video started and, just like before, another shaky camera revealed images of what appeared to be a small village and based on the surrounding jungles and the small black malnourished babies and children I found that it was likely AIDS-infested Africa.

It was a rolling shoot – most likely the man operating the camera was in a vehicle, as some footage showed two jeeps loaded with heavily-armed men driving in the front. And then the jeeps in front slowed down and the men stood up shouting in a foreign language waving their guns in the air, and then they aimed and the camera went back to the villagers running for cover attempting to grab the children and for over a minute the only thing heard was a barrage of gunfire and onscreen women and children were dying, riddled with bullets, the gunfire so excessive that a child who couldn’t be older than two was shot repeatedly with a machine gun to the point where his head severed from his neck. Then there was reggae music playing off camera and laughter – so much laughter. The last minute of the video showed a group of them hopping out of the jeeps (along with whoever was filming) and walking through the village shooting any random survivors while one of the gunmen in particular stabbed a man with a machete and then killed his, presumably, wife and daughter by way of decapitation while the father watched with his final, dying breath.

The next frame cut to a naked woman strapped to a bed while a scrawny white guy wearing an S&M outfit from head to toe stood over the crying woman with a pair of pliers in one hand and a blowtorch in the other.

“Somebody wasn’t loved as a child,” Dan chuckled.

“Tim’s got to see this,” Tyler said and though his back was to me I knew he was smiling and with that I turned around and headed up to my room, sick to my stomach.

Fade the fuck out.


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