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Daily Turmoil

2 eyes, 2 sides, 2 worlds

Who decides what’s real and what’s not? Separates the facts from the fiction? The false, the untrue, the plain bullshit. Reality vs. Fantasy? Give me a fucking break. Go ahead. Tell me what you think’s real. It’s only relative to one person: you, yourself. That’s all anything – fuck, everything – is about anyway. Number one, numero uno, the true love of your life. Your world. The same – no different – as the rest. Open your eyes. Yes, both of them. Look around.

The clock is ticking. Time is moving – last time I checked, still at 60 seconds a minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Though, it’s all just one big long day in my world – a constant, a place where clocks don’t exist, concerns are in the past, eyes looking towards the door and the road ahead. The direction doesn’t quite matter. The fact that I’m moving does. On my terms, my conditions. Not anybody – or everybody – else’s. I’m done with that shit. An outlaw in the shoes of the Sherriff, watching good and evil fight before my eyes. Eyes that see all. An eye for each side. Right for wrong? Or wrong for being right? The sane or the sublime? You say crazy? A twisted fantasy? Out of touch with reality? There we go again, that damn reality vs. fantasy again.

So who makes the final ruling on what’s real? What’s wrong? What’s right? What’s bad, what’s good, what’s crazy, what’s normal?

Perspective is everything.

Open your fucking eyes.

Daily Turmoil

“If It Ends Tonight”

Social Disorder. Mass Chaos. Total Anarchic Shit. Daily Turmoil. Fuck the norms of this world. I’m no occupant – I’m simply passing through. When it’s time to go, I’d like to know I left my “signature” behind. In many ways, I know I already have. Others will follow in my footsteps, both directly and indirectly. In many ways, I think it’s great. In others…well, it’s still fucking awesome.

Fuck Conformity, break free of the prison surrounding us – live life on your terms. Who decides what’s “legal,” “ethical,” or – my favorite – “MORALLY CORRECT?”

The legalities, ethical guidelines, moral boundaries – all roads we’ll someday cross. But… (Dare I say it)…those are all nothing but POV. One perspective, one world view through most likely just one eye. One side. It’s too difficult to see it from every angle – we must use our narrow tunnel-vision, our one-sided-stories to make our thickheaded decisions.

Crimes are only what we make of it. Jaywalking is a crime. Should you be arrested – hell, even cited? – for doing so? What’s throwing your boy a bag of goods compared with smoking that shit on your own? Murder, manslaughter? Why different prison terms? Robbery? Have you never been robbed? Everybody’s a victim. I know I’ve been. But fuck it, let’s criminalize the assholes who do so in order to feed their children. Because … “They” must be a scumbag. Right?

It’s all POV…everything. Am I right? Or, am I wrong? Your thoughts? Yes, unlike most, I actually have two eyes. I take everything into account. I see everything. Even when you think I’m a clueless shit, I’m there looking on, examining, observing.

Back to you – what you got? This issue of right and wrong; bad verse good. Does your opinion change? Your thoughts differ from time to time? What factors push you? What’s your motivation when making a decision – approaching a “tough one” – a HOT-BUTTON-ISSUE? In the end, it’s either Yes or No. Either way, if you did it for you – fuck the rest – without harming anybody else, are you Wrong? Or are you Right?

I say you’re right, but ONLY if you stayed true. True to you. Not the assholes whispering in your ear. Your outlook, Your POV.

Remember, Perspective Is Everything.

Structure your own moral code, beliefs you…believe. Don’t follow the norms imposed on you in this holding cell of a world. Unless that’s You. If that’s staying TRUE.

Destruct order, disrupt Society. Society. What a word that one is. After years of exploring it – observing it – seeing all, I conclude: “Fucked.”

How Fucked are You? How Fucked am I?

We may see soon enough.