“Drones to Others”

How often we listen to others – and ignore ourselves. Criticism suddenly matters. Fitting in, conforming to their belief system. If we don‘t oblige, what will they think?

Watch a smirk form on their face. Fans of themselves. Self-lusting, a one-person love affair. Eyes bright and mouth full of shit – making up for lost battles and surrendered wars. White flags thrown will never be recognized. Self-failure will not be admitted. They rule their own world, and who are you to question such authority? A king of his own castle. A master in disguise. Searching for minions to fill the unoccupied halls and courtyards. Have you joined yet? Have you been tossed from your throne, and are now guarding his gate? Or have you stayed true and still wear the crown?   Perhaps, you’re on the fence, hanging by a thread.

Loose strings ready to unravel. Dangerous webs are strung and you find yourself stuck in the middle. Your mobility restricted. Back’s broke. Getting up is an impossibility. Worse yet, now you’re nothing but a drone. A mindless machine controlled by another. Society’s latest capture. Naked, stripped of original thought. Objectivity is lost. Castle walls are destroyed. Others invade. You can still self-destruct. It’s just a push away. But quickly. Before…too late. Inspiration and motivation replaced with the narrow, imperialistic views of that other. The vacancy sign lights up. Nobody is home. Before long, you’ll join the army of invaders. Fight for the cause, the beliefs…what is right. Conform and control. You no longer question the truth. There isn’t a need. Why should you? This is right…this is what matters most. Stay true. Stay true to who? Was there ever a “real you,” or was it just a losing hand you’ve been playing all along?